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Hi, The names Steve and I own an '04 plate Xsara

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Hi, The names Steve and I own an '04 plate Xsara

Post by PIC16 on Sun Sep 04, 2011 8:49 am

Hi, The names Steve and I own an '04 plate Xsara Picasso 1.6Hdi (110)
I know it's not the most desirable of rides but it will have to do for the time being, So gonna have to do what I can with it till I eventually get my RS4 affraid
My car history is as follows
2000 pass test at Lechonfield and move to Cyprus with RAF, buy a MINT Vauxhall Astra GTE (one with digi dash) owned it two wonderful weeks before an accident writes it off. (Long story to do with Cypriot insurance companies and customs officials, TBH if the damage done to the GTE happened in UK it would be fixed in a week...... Mad )
Insurance pay out eventually so I go and buy my mates mildly modified Honda Civic 1.6VTI, beautiful little motor and fast as f--k. But back in 2003 the insurance and fees to bring it home to UK were astronomical, even for then.
So....I go and get a Pug 306 dTurbo which I went on to own for 7 years, that was my baby, my pride and joy, she wanted for nothing. Again she was mildly modified (Beautiful rims, Subltle ICE bounce , K&N, Magnex 6x4 system, Tints etc..) but she was becoming uneconomical to keep repairing after the full electronics re-install, full brake rebuild, head gasket failure on m25 with a pregnant missus in the passenger seat, and subsequent engine rebuild and repairs, the suspension was giving up on it so I sadly decided to p/x her for £700 and bought a 2004 Honda Accord type-s - another beauty of a motor, an ex met police pursuit car no less, but unknown to me she had a serious fault deep inside and I decided to cut my losses and sell for a loss. plus the 26mpg was killing me, especially with my rightfoot!
Next came the Vauxhall Zafira 1.8, A real family bus// perfect for the growing family (missus and two babies) but this car was fab, with full history and no work needing to be done, she was very pampered by myself and the previous owner. A bargain as £1200 for 50k on a 04 plate, but again 23mpg was destroying my bank balance and after moving jobs and having to travel further I decided to sell at a (marginal) profit for £2500 and went and got the Picasso (wifes choice, not mine) AND that brings us up to date....
I am here to seek fellow Citroen owners and to seek and swap advice on running and maintaining this thing, and to a lesser extent mild modification.
Keep an eye out on the forum for me.
the names Ste affraid


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Re: Hi, The names Steve and I own an '04 plate Xsara

Post by Mr Big Mac on Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:56 am

hello and welcome, gets some pics up Smile

Mr Big Mac
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